By doing extensive interviews and research about what fits best with the client we are able to come up with surprising, applicable concepts. Together we decide where you are in the process now and what the end goal is of the project. The added value of these concepts are that a clear idea and direction is chosen so you can set up and execute a solid communication plan. We also test the concepts we create early on to see if it really works. So no long pitches or talks just a fresh, new visible idea with innovative associations.

Creating artwork

When creating artwork it is important to translate the concept to powerful visuals and texts that match the story of the company and the target groups which will be approached. People are often very visually inclined and an image says a lot more than a text. That way you let the visuals speak for itself and the brand becomes recognizable. In a blink of an eye everybody knows exactly what it is about and what is so unique about the brand. We help you with your visual brand story and brainstorm together with you about the art direction, film, photography and more.

Developing communication tools

After the concept and artwork is determined, a complete communication plan including communication tools can be developed. No matter what channel you use the end goal is to develop a message that is in line with the brand and the story you want to convey to your audience. Graphic design, branding and marketing are the top priorities in this phase. By updating your branding and/or expanding on it you make sure that your company looks professional and that will ultimately heighten the loyalty of your customers.

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