Van Nieuwpoort Bouwgrondstoffen supplies 7 million tons of high quality sand, gravel, stone chippings and other raw materials annually for the construction of housing, hospitals, bridges and infrastructure. They own the entire supply chain from raw material to the end product which means they are able to service all their clients effectively. The raw materials are extracted in a sustainable way which are sourced from their own projects. Through landscape development during and after the projects opportunities for people and nature are realised. Due to the extraction of sand and gravel along the rivers the drainage capacity is enlarged and The Netherlands is protected against flooding. By working together with authorities, the government, local residents, other companies and nature protection organisations these projects are carefully executed with everyone’s concerns in mind.


Van Nieuwpoort Bouwgrondstoffen is looking for a fresh new take on the existing branding and communication. They also indicated that they wanted to do more marketing and that they needed a new strategy to roll it all out. This means being able to zoom in on certain areas such as landscape development and zooming out to the aggregrate chain all the way to it’s end station. The communication with several target groups also had to be visualised and explained in a more constructive way. Multifunctional communication tools, powerful images, and unifying the message they want to send; this is exactly what will set Van Nieuwpoort apart from the rest and what will guide them in their communication.


Van Nieuwpoort’s branding is based on the blue N which symbolizes everything that Van Nieuwpoort embodies. They stand for working together, innovativity, knowledge and sustainability and all of this is reflected in the typography and colors of the existing branding. The modernisation of the branding comes together in the shape of blocks that together form the square shape of a blue N. The blocks represent several stakeholders such as the government, product clients, nature conservation organisations and local residents which are all involved in the landscape development projects. These blocks can be seen in all the communication tools with the idea to unify the branding into one consistent brand story which makes them look like a professional and authentic company.


The blue N with the blocks is applicable in many ways for different communication goals and is a visual guide for the print and promotion materials. Brochures have been created for the stone quarry location in Weeze and lifesize promotion blocks have been created for the Mud Masters Obstacle Run event which takes place every year in the stone quarry. The video campaign makes sure that the landscape development department has real people as ambassadors of the organisation. The video campaign has many viewers on Youtube and will be used on different channels simultaneously. Through thorough consultation and brainstorm sessions we have come to these end results together with the client.

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