The Dekker Group is located in Ijzendoorn next to the river the Waal for a couple of decades. The Dekker Group represents several operating companies and shareholdings in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. It is a tight knit family company and the fourth generation is now at the helm of the company. The Dekker Group has been working for nearly a 100 years on the development of landscapes and the mining and processing of sand and gravel. Furthermore, the Dekker Group is a market leader in the trading and transport of sand and gravel, production of concrete and mortar for the building industry.


The Randwijkse Waarden is a project of the Dekker Group where a new floodplain will be created in Heteren. For this project a plan will be created with several stakeholders. The project will be financed by the sand and gravel trade and transport and simultaneously the flood protection can be guaranteed. For the stakeholders it will be important to be able to see the project and follow the process.


A website, folder, windscreen and video are the communication tools they needed to explain in detail how the project is going but also to give online access to documents and let the target group follow the latest news. The tools function like a visual platform yet they are always in in line with the current branding and the area Randwijkse Waarden. Images were also created to really engage the stakeholders and get them interested in the story of the Randwijkse Waarden.


The result is that every stakeholder is up to date about the project and progress which makes people informed and enthusiastic during and after the completion of the project. This project is spread over a couple of years and is done in close cooperation to create new nature and to extract sand.

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