EDF MAN ships, buys, sells and distributes agricultural products such as coffee, sugar, molasses and grains. They trade these products over the entire world and they process these products for industrial clients and supermarket chains. EDF MAN also has financial products so they are broker and professional traders. The company nas 6500 employees and 83 nationalities which makes them a truly global company.


The process of processing molasses is illustrated through film and a clear explanation will be added so potential customers know how the product gets to the client. EDF MAN has the opportunity to show their added value and they can show this promotional material via several different channels to their target group.


By putting the emphasis on their global presence they become attractive for clients that operate internationally. By using a globe animation the customers can see where they are located and where they can ship the product to. The terminal in China is the main focuspoint of this video.


We chose to do a corporate movie specifically for the molasses department of EDF MAN. With this movie the brand can develop more brand exposure. The voice-over is in English and in Chinese in order to be able to approach the international and Chinese market simultaneously.

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