Koninklijke Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading international services provider when it comes to dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime services. The company supplies worldwide creative and innovative solutions for infrastructural challenges in maritimea areas, coastal zones and river delta’s with construction and maintenance of the harbors and waterways, creation of land in water and protection of coasts and shores. The Pearl Shoreline is one of the international projects of Boskalis where a new coastline is created and the emphasis lies on the visualisation of the new coastline.


The Pearl Shoreline will be build in an environment that has never seen such a transformation before. The entire infrastructure of the area will be adjusted to the new coastline which makes new opportunities for recreation, tourism and business possible.


The infrastructure, new nature and the visitor center are important focuses that have to be included in the end result. Also the project will be shown in all its phases so that the participating parties and all stakeholders are able to see the progress and process of the project. We decided to create the impression both in a folder and film.


We made an animation with CGI technology which gives an in detail impression of how the project is executed, where activities are taking place and also how the area will change for local residents and stakeholders. The CGI images are also directly usable for the brochure which is very cost effective and efficient for the client. The branding contains three waves which show the three most important elements of the project. The three elements are: project development, recreation and flood protection.

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