Keppel Verolme BV, active since 1957, is a ship- and offshore yard located in Rotterdam and is part of a global network of Keppel Offshore & Marine. The Keppel Verolme yard can facilitate any seaship and floating offshore unit. The main services of Keppel Verolme are docking, reparation and maintenance, modification and construction.


In 2013 Keppel Verolme BV has succesfully installed a platform named Global Tech 1 in an offshore windpark in the German EEZ zone in the North Sea. The platform is installed at depth of 40 meters and will store electricity which is generated by the windpark where 80 windturbines are part of Germany’s power generation. When the platform is fully operating the windpark will have a capacity of 1.4 billion kilowatt hours of energy which provides 445.000 homes with clean energy.


The installment of the platform is impossible to show with conventional film techniques due to much of the work being done at great heights or deep down in the sea. By using CGI and animation we were able to easily show all the details. The CGI has been put in an animation.


The animation shows the location of the platform, the proces and the result but above all it shows the added value of the platform and Keppel Verolme’s efficiency. The animation has more than 100 views.

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