SMARTSPACE is a company that designs and manufacturers relocatable classrooms in Atlanta, USA. They build sustainable classrooms that last longer than a conventional relocatable classroom and they use less energy. The classrooms meet all the building requirements. There is also a possibility to install solar panels and the classrooms are easy to connect to each other.


With a strong concept also comes a strong presentation and SMARTSPACE needs a visual presentation which clearly shows the benefits and that also shows that this is the best design for a healthy learning environment.


PennArts has made the presentation and the CAD drawings were transformed into colored drawings. By using lots of visuals the prospect sees the advantages of the design quickly and they also see the advantage to a conventional classroom due to bigger windows, higher quality construction and a cleaner airfilter system.


The presentation was used to convince the Atlanta municipality and the school district of Marietta to start using these new classrooms to be able to provide ample space for all school children so every child is able to go to school. This concept has won a prize for most durable design which shows that the trend of sustainability continues on in the construction industry as well as in education.

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