Hyva is a worldwide market leader in the commercial vehicle industry. They design, produce and distribute high quality cranes and parts. The company has factories in Brasil, China, Germany, India and Italy. They operate in more than 130 countries where they serve and supply more than 25,000 customers with a dedicated team of 2000 employees.


For internal and external communication it is important to share news of the ins and outs of the organisation and this is also the case for Hyva Holding. The look and feel has to show that they are a crane marketleader, that they have a broad network of dealers and customers and last but not least an open business culture. That is the message that Hyva Holding wants to send through a communication tool.


The concept lends itself perfectly for a visual magazine which is about dealer interviews, client experiences, the latest news about new cranes and products, awards and news about employees. The look and feel is robust and professional. The texts and visuals have been carefully selected and show the worldwide impact of Hyva cranes and staff. For example, an award was won in China for ‘best trusted tipping solution’ with the Alpha line.


For each language there is a circulation of 3000 magazines with high quality paper and finish. There are atleast 3 languages per edition and Hyva magazine is also distributed digitally to customers, dealers and connections nationally and internationally. The grid of the magazine had to be flexible with recognizable branding. We succeeded in doing this by looking closely at the current branding of Hyva. Together with the team of Hyva the magazine has been created and there are 2 editions each year.

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